Web Design for your small business

We provide  custom website design services to grow your small business. Whether you are in need of a basic small business website or a complicated ecommerce website, we will develop an amazing website that looks great across all browsers and platforms.

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Custom Web Design & Development

We leverage cutting edge design and software components on extremely user-friendly CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress; and we do it all with our local team, absolutely no outsourcing!
This allows us to be more agile in our development to reduce the time and cost of the build.

Professionally Designed

We design and develop websites that are intuitive, user-friendly and responsive!

  • We build search engine friendly websites
  • Our process is built to deliver results
  • 100% Custom designed website; No Templates!

We optimize for all major search engines

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial aspect of makreting a website online. It involves research analysis and advacned knowledge of ever-changing algorithms.

Custom Website Design Process

We totally get it, trusting someone else to handle the face of your business can be frightening! Here at Prime Art House you are given real-time access to your new website while we’re developing it and offer you unlimited number of revisions.
Normally our website design & development process can be completed in 45 business days.

Quote/Down Payment

We will have a free consultation and discuss briefly about your website needs and pricing. Once the project quote is approved, we will send a digital invoice. Once the down payment is received, we will begin the next step.

Research & Planning

We will take time to learn about you and your business goals. We would like to know what you expect from your new website. This step will give us a better understanding of your likes and dislikes, website functionality needs, as we start designing your new custom website.

Sitemap & Content

Now that we have a general idea of your business needs, we will build a visual sitemap of your website. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page on the best way to structure your new website content. This will also provide a better understanding of what content you will need to provide us over the next few days.

Website Design

With the sitemap and your style in mind we will begin working on the website design process. In about 10 business days we will provide you with a preview of your new mobile responsive website layout. During this time period it would be good to receive content from you to keep the process following to help meet the 45 day projection.

Project Review & Payment

Now is your time to request changes on the layout of your new website. We ask that you view your website on a desktop and mobile device. While you are making notes on any possible changes, we will be reviewing the website content you have sent us to make sure we have everything that is needed. Once we have made your requested changes and the layout has been approved by you, the remaining invoice balance is due to proceed with the project.

Website Development

After making your layout adjustments, it is time for us to add your website content, build the contact/quote forms, and add any additional features that are needed. We will also build your digital sitemap and start on the minor SEO service. During this period, we will be adding your social media links and any other outbound links that you wish to have. To monitor your website visitor stats a Google Analytics tracking code will be added to each page.

Final Review & Testing

After the development stage is complete, your website will be ready for the final review. We will make sure everything is working the way it should. We will test every link, internal and outbound, every contact/quote form, and any other additional features your website may have. A cross-browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) check will be preformed ensuring that your website looks great on every platform and device. If you have any last-minute changes, now will be the time to address them. Once the website has been given the green light by you, it is time for the launch and any further changes will be billed accordingly.

Website Launch

Now that we are ready for launch, your new custom designed website will be opened for the world to see! We will submit your website to the search engines to be indexed. This will allow the search engine to start showing your website to potential website viewers as they search for your services/products.

After Website Launch

After your website has been opened to the public, you need to keep these things in mind. A website is a lot like a car. It requires fuel and maintenance to keep it running properly, so does your website. If your website does not get fuel (SEO) it will just sit there. As your vehicle needs a regular oil changes and tune-ups so does your website. CMS coding, theme coding, and database tables need to be updated regularly to ensure proper functionality of your website. You also need to lock the doors on your website. You have spent a lot of time and time in your new website project and it would be a good idea to secure it. This can be done with a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Website Backup plan.