What Is A WAF & Why Do I Need It?

What Is A WAF & Why Do I Need It?


Written by Prime Art House
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If you have a website, you probably think it is safe from being hacked and loaded with malware. We hope it is. After all, only 90,000 websites are hacked every day. Pretty good odds, right?

Website security is a must. Google is pushing for all websites to switch to HTTPS. Unfortunately, for those who do not comply they will see a decrease in search rankings and their website being flagged as not secure. As you can imagine, having “Not Secure” listed before your domain isn’t going to make your customers feel very confident about safely purchasing services.

HTTPS is an important layer of protection for your website; but it is only part of the solution. It won’t stop malicious attacks on your website, as it only protects information that is submitted to your website. You will need extra coverage to ensure your websites defense.

What is a Web Application Firewall?

If you have already implemented an SSL certificate that changed your website from HTTP to HTTPS that is great! If you haven’t completed that step, contact your web designer or a member of our team right away. The second layer of protection for your website is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). A WAF is like a firewall on your computer network. This firewall will protect your website with rules such as:

  • Blocking unwanted website traffic from your website
  • Protecting your website from hacking and brute-force attacks
  • Virtual patching before a common CMS update is released

This process is continual and not as-needed or just when an issue arises. It is a guardian for your website that will allow you to do business with a peace of mind.

The awesome protection is not the only benefit of a WAF. The firewall will also increase your site speed and performance with caching mechanisms; all-around, providing you with a wall of defense and a boost in a performance!

Contact us if you are unsure if your website has a SSL or WAF. We will be glad to verify this for you and help you get these issues resolved quickly.